We are excited to introduce the brand new hull design for Nautic Star. This vessel has a monohull design with large sponsons either side measuring 5.7 meters long with a beam of 2.4 meters. It is built to the national standards for commercial vessels and meets the requirements for level flotation this particular vessel has a large work platform at the bow however this can easily be adapted to suit your professional or recreational fishing requirements on this day we face a 1 – 1 1/2 metre sea blowing 18 to 20 knots and the vessel was travelling at approximately 25 knots with relative ease.

The sponsons system monohull keeping the boat stable and holding straight in these rough conditions as you can imagine this boat also has outstanding stability at rest another advantage of this vessel is that it’s a dry boat  the sponson acts as a large reverse chine deflecting the spray from the monohull straight back down keeping everyone on board nice and dry which is perfect for a great day of fishing and especially in those cooler climates this vessel is currently coupled to a 90 horsepower Yamaha four-stroke giving unparalleled reliability and fuel economy the yamaha 90 allows the vessel to get up onto the plane easily, has great throttle response and achieved a top speed of 28 knots this vessel is engineered to accept up to 200 horsepower on the transom for the highly spirited skipper this vessel is at home operating offshore in a commercial application, however it will also suit the avid fishermen whether fishing for barramundi in the shallow estuaries or chasing snapper on the reef whether it be a professional vessel in survey or leisure craft the highly qualified team at Nautic Star can customize this boat to suit your needs.


  • Length 5.7 M
  • Beam 2.4 M