Nautic Star - Custom Boat Builders

Shed 1, 12 Chrysler Road Lonsdale SA 5160


Nautic Star custom boat builders has been operating since 1999 enjoying a prosperous career building truly unique custom aluminium boats for those who come to us demanding the best.
Nautic Stars vessels are designed for use in some of the most extreme conditions in South Australia/Australia.  Our passion for our product has led the business to a point where we will now only build vessels to a survey standard and in most cases Lloyds register, regardless of whether the boat is being built for government, commercial, charter or recreational use.  That coupled with the best products on the market and building practices in the industry makes Nautic Star the choice for the fisherman or officer who has no boundaries.
This principle has allowed us to fine tune our Plumb Bow core hull design over the years to a point where we consider that we have obtained a no compromise balance between soft riding, rough water performance in any direction and also equally as good calm water performance.  In both cases the vessel remains firm footed and stable.  We have also increased running efficiency which results in lower horse power requirements for same top speed, giving better fuel economy and also allowable pay loads have increased by an average of 30% to 50%.
If you require a custom built vessel and expect no compromises both in performance and quality of build, Nautic Star can provide.